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The mysterious painting "Black and White Destiny" is dedicated to girls and women who have been abused and mistreated at home, such as marriage or cohabitation. In the world, the vast majority of victims of domestic violence are women, as they are more fragile and weaker than men. It is often pointed out that domestic violence aims to gain power and control over the victim. Thus, violence against women is rooted in gender inequality, which leads to problems not only in individual families but in society as a whole. The picture is made in black and white. In my understanding, this color scheme symbolizes the gloomy, dreary and unhappy fate of the girls who have been subjected to domestic violence. On the one hand, the white color is a symbol of purity, beauty and innocence. Black is a symbol of fear, horror and hopelessness. These two colors are mixed together, representing a gray color - the color of protection from the negative effects of the environment and other people's manipulations. The reflection in the mirror is the girl’s knowledge of herself. She sees herself miserable, her hand is raised to her face, her shoulders are lowered. Such a posture shows uncertainty and indecision in front of the outside world. A golden tear represents the sunshine, the beauty of the girl, which comes from her eyes, rolls along the sleeve of her shirt and tends to sink, meaning that the last life forces have evaporated in the abyss.

Black and White Destiny
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Anastasia Ivashchenko

My name is Anastasia and I am a student of Accademia di Belle arti di Brera in Milano. I am interested in the art world and it has always been a massive part of my life. For my life experience, I spent a month working as an Art Teacher for small children ages 6-10. I felt completely different being a teacher is a different experience than that of a student. It gave me a lot of knowledge about human behavior, communication, and connection with the people. Furthermore, I like to participate in different art competitions. During my life, I have won more than 20 competitions based not only in the art school in Moscow, but in other art organizations. Also, I had a chance to show my artworks in the exhibition based in Milano called “NothemeArt” and then I was invited to Biennale in Venice in 2021 and Contemporary Venice Itsliqued. I prefer Fine Art to anything else, as fine art to me has more potential in it to embrace the artists’ emotions and can contain more depth and concept than any other media. More specifically, I am fascinated by expressionism.

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