Elisa Filomena

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The persistent quest focuses on the human figure and nature, both experienced as everlasting and tender forces in contrast and harmony with the transience of existence.The artworks are often made up of unnatural images that form dreams and tales of that which is hidden. The outcome originates from the pictures of the 50s and 60s, that are used as a starting point for the creation of tales and suggestions that come up naturally during the creative process. Canvasses, often large ones, used for the experience of and the longing for existce. Drawings and crayons on paper of eerie shapes and human masks. Man’s being and his rising, shining and fading.


Man who finds himself
Woman with a tie
1940 woman
1950 woman
Woman of the early twentieth century
United States
United Kingdom
United States
Los Angeles
United Kingdom UK
United States



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