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My art is a sort of celebration of colours, when black means loneliness, solitude and sadness.
Colours are the proof that in life you can fight those black moments and win.
I think the most precious thing you can gift to a person is a smile.
My digital collages want to make people laugh for the very first time,but after this, if you can watch them a bit more,you'll find an hide meaning.


Training is always a good idea
Training is good for body health, and mental balance. Don't be lazy: just do it!
Old technology
Technology progress goes so fast that even an invention of the last decade of the 90s seems to be so old...
The importance of nobility
A noble title doesn't give you elegance, respect or beauty. It's just a word, nothing more than this.
Nature has lost her appeal
Nowadays we have lost respect, passion and appeal for nature. Skyscrapers and pollution are dominating our lives, We have to fall in love again with a green tree.
But first, let me take a selfie
Selfie generation prefers to live on social media instead of enjoying moments and doesn't take time to think and to feel.

I'm a pharmacist and a self-taught digital collage artist. Art is the means by which I express my idea of living and my thinking about society. I love to mix black and white old school pics with pop art graphic elements, and to give to my collages a funny aspect. But do not be deceived: there's always a lesson to find, if you look closer.

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