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Three years ago I started this series of oil paintings called “inner landscape”. They are photorealistic paintings of landscapes that resonate deeply with my feelings. When I paint them it’s like an opportunity for me to analyze, understand and release my emotions. Currently there are two of them.

The first one is “Prelude”. It represents a black-and-white anguished forest full of flying crows, because when I painted it I was feeling confused and I felt that something, either good or bad, was going to happen.

The second one, which I made during quarantine, is called “Still”. This time it’s not a forest, but a frozen, almost motionless, Iceland landscape. Except it is not.That’s because I realized that the sense of emptiness I was experiencing could not be really stationary, because at some level feelings are always in motion, always evolving, just like ice and water.

Oil on canvas, 100x150cm.
Oil on canvas, 100x150cm.
Unite States
United States
United Kingdom
Poulton Le Fylde
Grugliasco (Torino)



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