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People have each body and live through cladding it, however it sometimes feels like a prison. Unexpectedly, my sight in the reality has become dark, and my body often feels heavy like putting shackles. This is because that we have to spend own daily life as a member in the society that becoming like nested boxes, and we have become to be difficult to decide things easily under each own will. Such situations make me feel very cramped, and I often ask myself, “Why do people live?” and “What is living?”.

The body is own prison what we were born with, we make the prison inside it too and lock ourself in it. However, at the deepest part of it, there is a purity that longs freedom and wants to go outside. I think that it is an image of a person's fundamental life. With the theme of “The body and its inside”, I want to express the image buried in the body through my work.

The view of left side of me
Deep sea monster
The inside
The well (Wrath)

Takehiro Tezuka received his BFA from Tama Art University in Tokyo in Japan, and has mainly created works of oil painting and performance to this day. His paintings are what expressed the internality of human, their world view are constructed with images obtained from the interaction of performing and the actual experiences happened in his body.

He took a break from making art works after his solo exhibition in 2017, but started to do in 2019 again. Today, in addition to general exhibitions such as “minimum view” in SPACE M (2019), he has published works in ways that are not bound by media such as the video streaming of performance work: “Ranunculus says (January 1st–February 28th, 2019)”. In recent years, he has explored the fundamental images that hidden in people's minds and tried to express them in his works.

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