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Hi everyone, I make drawings on paper, using hot glass. I have invented my own process for making these drawings, it's very fast and dramatic! First, I make forms using traditional glassblowing techniques. Then, while the glass is still flexible and hot, I press it into wet, high quality paper. Immediately the paper begins to burn, the glass splinters and is lost as an object, while the stamp of the burn remains as a print.

As an artist using glass as a tool and not as a resulting product, I want to expand the vocabulary and function of glass as an art material. At the same time I am making a document of the fascinating properties of glass which are normally not seen in the gallery: extreme heat, liquidity and the dynamic movement of molten glass.

I have an MFA in Glass from Tyler School of Art, and a Sculpture BA from Parsons School of Design. I am an American/Dutch artist, and live in Amsterdam.

Anne Gant
Amsterdam 2019

Some of the piece are like piles of shards or archaeological detritus, amphora, stones, shells.
Warm Welcome
Paper burned by hot glass
working photo- hot glass burning paper
working photo- hot glass burning paper
Autumn Chandelier
Paper burned by hot glass
Archaeology- detail
This is a detail of the previous piece, to show the way the paper burns. I use two layers of high quality rag paper.

Anne grew up in San Francisco and Alaska and moved to New York City at 17 to attend Parsons School of Design for sculpture with a concentration in glass. After blowing glass at UrbanGlass in Brooklyn for many years, she returned to school for a Masters in Glass at Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia. Over the years she has studied in Rome, Madrid, Glasgow, Corning, NY, at Penland in North Carolina, and especially enjoyed blowing glass on a barge in an Amsterdam canal.  She now makes her home in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and blows glass at Vrij Glas and van Tetterode studios. Her current work is “deconstructed” glass-  prints made by burning paper with hot glass. She calls them Pyrographies. 

United States
New York
United States
New York City



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