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I can best express my emotions through painting. I am looking for a simple but original, symbolic form. My works are often iconographic. Each image is associated with a personal story. I am fascinated by relationships with people. I illustrate my own subjective view ... I treat painting like a notebook. On the paintings I put things that I would like to forget or want to remember.

Don't forget to remember me (pieces 2)
Don't forget to remember me (pieces 3)
Don't forget to remember me ( pieces 1)
Don't forget to remember me
Don’t forget to remember me is a site-specific, large scale installation, that focuses directly on silent – because of being forgotten – war victims, that nobody speaks of. There are many harmed people out there in consequence of frequent armed conflicts, and world organizations act extremely inefficiently. War victims are impossible to recognize or remember – they constitute another nameless plaque. In couple of years someone will produce a series of romantic films about war heroes. And for the umpteenth time an ordinary man will constitute a background for heroic deeds. My installation constitutes first and foremost an internal voice of artistic remonstrance against pretending, that war may bring any good. This work, which consists of near 1000 small spatial objects and few little small scale individual objects, will become a meaningful, though a bit radical symbol, that I’m using – as an artist – to demonstrate my resistance against hypocrisy and callousness of modern man. I am trying to redeem all those anonymous victims. To redeem remembrance of people, who lost their homes, pride, place to live and dignity, during all those recent ominous years. This is a project about people, without people. It should become a symbol of our comfortable ignorance.

Justyna Adamczyk ((b. 1981 Opoczno) received MFA from the E. Gepperd's Academy of Fine Arts in Poland, Wroclaw, painting specialization in 2007. Two-time scholarship holder of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage (in 2005 and 2006). In 2018 Her the paintings were purchased for the collection of the National Museum in Gdańsk.In 2016 she received a distinction at the Artists' Colony Gallery and in 2007 she received a distinction at the City Art Gallery in Łódź.He participated in many exhibitions and competitions in Poland and abroad, her works were awarded in competitions such as: the 9th Geppert Competition (2009, BWA Awangarda Wrocław, "Promotions", 17th Young Artists Competition (2007 Legnica). He lives and works in Warsaw.

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