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This project focus on the use of frame burn and flashing film rolls to develop photographs, that show the duality between the cold rational energy of the physical world and the warm fantasy of what it means to daydream. Wandering through the small streets of Lisbon has filled my mind with the need to capture the loving energy of what it means to be Portuguese, in a way that transcends the white of the cobblestone streets and brings us to a state of colorful hallucination. Daydreaming was and is my most used method to reconnect to the city that I was born in but not raised-Lisbon. To rekindle the spark that I once felt in the city when I was just a child, now through my adult lens.

saudade do 12
mata caparica
wall of lumiar
mother across 25 abril

Francisco Faustino was born in Lisbon in 2002. Faustino's currently in med school at University of Lisbon and experiments with abstract painting, ceramics and film photography. He has taken  some courses in these areas, such as Glazes at Ar.Co-Almada, ceramic classes at Fábrica Moderna and Safra.lx and a workshop in indian ink at ARTLIER. Faustino was a resident artist at Safra.lx between March and September of 2022 and is currently based in Lisbon.


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