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Viewers have many questions as they observe colors that blend freely like clouds on a dark canvas when they first see his work. Their eyes begin to explore abstract brushstrokes for the artist's message, but what they will find is the artist's exploration of the viewer. Ask reflective questions to the audience through dream-like digital pictures. As a result, the appreciation of those who appreciate his work varies. Visitors do not have to try to grasp the artist's intention. Instead, I encourage the audience to project their thoughts and feelings into the picture so that they can enjoy the work without restraint. All of my works approach the audience in a stationary form, but each piece of work breathes and moves alive under the viewer's gaze.

Memories of that day
From the moment I open my eyes, I live a day in all the shapes and colors that remain in my memory.
deep blue shower
Inhale deeply, look out the window, and smile at your welcome appearance.

Artist Talk Magazine (Issue 17, October 2021) 
IYN Gallery's 'Realization of Words' exhibition (Japan)
Lodger Gallery's 'The Breeze at Dawn' exhibition (Kansas City, U.S.)
Boomer Gallery's 'Identity Open Call Boomer' (London, England.)

United Kingdom
United Kingdom
United States
Washington D.C. Metro Area



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