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Through my art I want to bring more awareness, to inspire and to transpose the viewer into another world, a non-conceptual one, a world in which to feel through visualization, to escape from the so-called real world. I want to reach his soul, to break the created personality, to make the viewer himself, without any superimposed mask.

My inspiration comes the moment I start creating and I am intuitively carried away by the unknown. “Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.”, like Picasso was saying - I find it very true. I never know what will happen in the end. I choose my colors intuitively and I think it is very important to be authentic and to express ourselves as freely as possible. Nature inspires me a lot, but in a sense that cannot be defined or conceptualized. 

I don't lke the ideea of reproductions or reinterpretations and I think that through abstract art every creation is new, freshly manifested from consciousness and never the same. For me it is a kind of freedom, not a goal to be chased. If I had to think, speak, write, study the rules or exemplify the significance of each creation, I would not paint. I would get lost in a conceptual world that has nothing to do with my world.

Game changer
We have the power to transform everything. The habits and patterns can be easily changed when there is determination, will, love, compassion and gentleness towards ourselves. We break unhealthy habits this way. The shift is always upon us.
Inception is about new beginnings, about following intuition, about transforming human consciousness, about assuming you don't know what's next. When we learn to give up control, energy flows into our lives without encountering resistance, fear, and worries about a future that does not exist. Living in the present moment we have the opportunity to enjoy life as it is and to harmoniously combine the soul with the external manifestation.

Ana Maria Guta is a self-taugh artist based in Constanta, Romania. She loves to analyze the hidden parts of our indentities, through an immersive experience inside the universe of the complex labyrinths of our consciousness. The influences found in her art are from abstract art, nature, spirituality, the Universe, works by Vincent van Gogh, science, abstract expressionism, conceptual art and contemporary art. Ana prefers using acrylics on canvas or paper. The focus of her work is the colors, shapes and structures, which she wants to integrate in a certain harmony in order to not imitate, dictate, compare, repeat, model or compensate.

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