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My work for the past five years was to investigate human boundaries and transitional states, mutations, injuries and suppressed desires. In the center of my work there are always transformations, mental and physiological. Insanity, psychic transformation, obsessive neurosis, melancholy, rejection, anguish, fear, loneliness, violence (psychological and sexual), isolation, death and desire of it.
Another focus of my research is stigmatization of mental health problems. People in anxious and long-term asthenic states tend to attribute themselves to healthy and distance themselves from the mentally ill. If we learn that a particular person has a psychiatric diagnosis, we involuntarily start to find in him the traits, which, it seems to us, are peculiar to the mentally ill. Our ideas about the mentally ill creates a kind of "filter" that prevents us from perceiving the person directly as it is.
The stigmatization of mentally troubled persons may be regarded as an additional factor with respect to their condition. Stigma not only worsens their social adaptation and leads to the reduction in the quality of life. A large number of patients with relatively mild mental disorders suffer from stigmatization to a much greater extent than from the manifestations of the diseases themselves.
I consider photography as my own medium. I'm interested in open and experimental approach to fine art photographic practice. I use my photographs a lot as sketches or as a basis for reflection and inspiration, I embed them in my work. My work is more like arrangements than pictures in the conventional sense of the word, and photography is both a tool and an object for research. In my focus, there are also expressive qualities of photography; putting the picture in a different context.


Alisa Aistova was born in Solnechnogorsk, Russia in 1988. Now she is learning art at London Central Saint Martins College and working on a project 'Dysfunction', works of this project are now exhibited in London, Bath, Venice (as part of Venice Architectural Biennial) and Moscow - as part of Moscow International Biennale of Young Art. Her works has been reviewed on St Martins' web-site, in Bunbury Art Magazine and Al-Tiba9 Contemporary Art Magazine

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