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It is interesting to think of art as a constant in life, not as an ephemeral and naked movement of coherence, but rather as a card to be played in everyday life and as an anchor to the impossible-possible, since I believe that logic plays a trick to those who daydream.

I call a conclave the moment in which I decide to fall hard to paint. After meeting my emotions, thoughts and old experiences in the same time and place, I manage to realize an emotional and spiritual resolution. Ironically, I use the word Conclave that is closely related to the Catholic religion; and this even allows me to be surreal to my way and from my predicate.

In my works I try to make sense of personal or foreign moments, strong or foolish, sometimes represented in an absurd composition of objects at first sight, reflecting the divine nature of living; overlooked for their daily banality, perhaps, and I challenge myself when facing their existence under unthinkable possibilities, their disintegration, their transformation, their passage from one thing to another, the evasion of their own container or predestined form; then I question myself and think: How to achieve this? How to cover up your existence with an invisible color? How to think in balance without even being still and falling on your side? How to speak of coherence if we are upside down? Should we understand or should we seek new meanings to what we believe? Do we need to keep our eyes open or perhaps open them for the first time? In each element made up of a restless, sometimes invisible morphology, I seek to answer this kind of question to myself, I stimulate the answer so that it is not so crude and abrupt, I break with the limits, I melt its name, I expand its surname and I exploit its body since, I think there is nothing that causes the same effect and with such an aesthetic degree as this, which ends up decorating my ideas with a step closer to being real.

Fruit salad
Oil, acrylic and spray on canvas. 120x180cm.
Morning reflection
Something that characterizes me, even more, is the idiotic way of handling fragile objects. It is as easy as my mind disconnects from my body that makes me think that it is even done on purpose. 200 x 130 cm oil, acrylic and spray on canvas.
Virgin purity
“So many options to choose from, so many people commenting on me, I feel like I must abstain. My family does not see itself thus, although I am blind, I believe that that is the purest; wishing with all my strength but saying no to more not suffering.” Oil, acrylic and spray on canvas.
Any life
This is how anyone has a moment of total collapse, this is how we feel that luck, destiny, God or any force that condemns our streak is often in total decline. Oil, acrylic and spray on canvas.
Flowers set
Oil, acrylic and spray on canvas. 61 x 46 cm

Facundo uses the body as a narrative of his ideas, involving himself in his works where he is crossed by detachment and passing into states that come together in a being who wants to strip himself. On the other hand, in his paintings, the degradation and distortion of objects is created, in addition to representing places that the artist once inhabited and where he expresses the passage of time by anchoring himself ephemerally.

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Santa Fe
United States
New York City
Tweed Heads
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