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After graduating in film music & sound design from Beijing Film Academy, I've worked on a number of feature films and documentaries, then progressing to an M.A. from London Film School (graduated as a director). At this time I worked in theatres including the Royal Opera House and former Millennium Dome. I studied luxury bag design in Milan and flamenco dress making in Seville. I am also a classical pianist, a traditional tea artist, and a ballet dancer.

One way or another, somehow I've mixed all these 'weird' experiences into my collages (and my films). For me, one piece of collage is like a whole film. Each individual element is like a single shot (in a film). I select them carefully, put them together in a certain way, so each of them can tell a complete story.

Decameron - Day 2
Size: 25 In X 25 In / Digital Collage / 2020
size: 61 in x 25 in / Digital Collage / 2020

Film Director, Collage Maker, Multi-Talented Artist.

Currently based in Madrid, Spain, developing new films & collage projects.

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