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Accepting that others judged me was difficult, but the most essential revelation of my life was to discover that my greatest enemy lay in my own head. It was by looking inward that I realized that the judgment that froze me was the one that I was making of myself, a ballast that prevented me from moving forward. I face my reflection with the truth of my being, not allowing the shadows of self-judgment obscure the light that emanates from me.

The Judgment
Déjà vu

Merche Moriana (Spain, 1994) is a visual artist who uses photography as a mean to represent and reflect on her own experiences and concerns.

Using a wide range of colors, textures and elements, Merche reinterprets the aesthetics of art history genres to create staged images establishing links between past and present narratives under an illusory and mysterious atmosphere.

She has exhibited her work in several solo and group exhibitions in national and international Art Centers such as: Escuela Apertura (Málaga, Spain), Bresciani Gallery (Rome, Italy), Palazzo Merulana (Rome, Italy), Rampa Gallery (Linares, Jaén), La Casa delle Culture (Magenta, Italy), Centro Carmen de Burgos (Baeza, Jaén), Colección Museográfica de Casariche (Seville) and has received several international awards such as the Gold Medal at the One Eyeland Portrait Awards being first in the ranking of Spain, the Silver Medal at the WPE Awards in Paris or the Bronze Medal at the BIFA Awards in Budapest.

Her most recent work "Societas" has been shown in an exhibition at the Colección Museográfica de Casariche, Seville.

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