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The history of my painting began with a great love for beauty. And the first school for me was the class of classical ballet in Moscow. Here, among the wonderful teachers, I really fell in love with theatrical art.
In the future, my studies began with classical drawing and continued at the university at the Faculty of Art History.
It was an old dream to move to the sea and this miracle happened for me suddenly.
Having moved to Barcelona, ​​I am infinitely satisfied with nature. From here began a whole cycle of canvases – these are new works dedicated to nature and water. Having lived through the new history of the world, it is as if I am rediscovering the old city and the country that has become my home. Creating new canvases, a completely new style appeared, aimed at philosophy and psychology. This is not accidental.. thanks to new knowledge, I continue to discover the most valuable art for myself – the art of loving.

Australia for me its my dreams, this is paradise for artists, because the colors are specially and unico.
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Fast water
Fast water has become my biggest inspiration. However, at this moment I continued my studies in psychology, and the picture is my mirror, the mirror of completely new thoughts. This movement of water is connected to me. Psychoanalysis of myself and the delight of new discoveries and books. Water running rapidly is my invention - a side view of our nature, the wealth of the universe.
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Spanish water
I see the sea every day and I wanted to convey the feeling of water, its endless beauty, and energy. This water has a new style in my art way, I returned to design and wanted to convey the shape of water, and the beauty of lines.
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United States
Los Angeles
Greater London



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