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My installation and sculptural works move between animism and animation. Thus, I combine craft techniques and natural materials that have their own history with digital media and contemporary themes.

The works concentrate on a single point, out from which the viewer’s gaze proceeds over geometrical arrangements into open space. This is based on a rectilinear grid, which serves both to orient the viewer and at the same time to open up a space of endless possibilities.

Wood and clay, berries and herbs, cords and fabrics, bone glue and wax are used for the works. The sensual quality of the materials is striking. Installations are created that you want to touch and smell, and that you become physically involved in. The sculpture Honey moon (2020) fills the room with the scent of the beeswax from which it is cast.

Small motors, such as water pumps, fans or programmed LED lights, amplify and make the vitality of the materials visible.

The works engage in a playful dialogue between organic and technical processes. The digital, linear view of the world set forth by the grid combines with the sensual and ephemer- al physicality of the chosen materials to form the core of the works. It conveys a sense of coming home – to nowhere.

Underlying my works are themes – or complexes – of technology, order and the desire to animate the world and revive it. Hopes in technology, the desire for transformation, and the illusion of separation are central themes of the works.

Care Less
Care Less Installation 2021 Willow rods, tape, LED light 400 x 400 x 400 cm Photos: Conradin Frei Video: https://vimeo.com/552642842 A linear black grid extends along the walls and floor from one corner of the action hall. Some lines extend up to 4 meters into the space, others end shorter. In this zone, an organic object made of natural material floats in the center. If one approaches the installation, the grid around the sculpture flickers. Similar to an optical illusion, the black lines make the corner appear sometimes deep, sometimes very close. A smell reminiscent of wet wood becomes more and more intensely perceptible. A super nest of willow rods seems to hover weightlessly above the ground. The sticks are wildly and very tightly woven into each other, forming an oval, egg-like shape. From a small round opening in the center of the sculpture, warm light shines, revealing a carefully woven structure inside. The place of the installation seems transformed from the exhibition space that surrounds it, as if it were in a sphere where time stands still. All the more perceptible is the awareness of one's own physicality and for the environment seemingly constructed according to fixed specifications.
Work Credit: 
Photo: Conradin Frei
Echelon Installation 2021 Flax, bell, tape, led 500 x 500 x 500 cm Video: https://vimeo.com/576460972 You Are Here, 2021 is a location survey of a somewhat different kind. A shaped snake made of over 2000 meters of crocheted flax cord winds itself into a circle on the floor. In its center is a human-sized bulge with lightning flashing. Below it on the floor is a neon green pattern in concentric circles, reminiscent of a radar sys- tem. If you walk around the installation, you walk in the dynamics of the snake or the radar system. One‘s own physicality becomes perceptible.
Work Credit: 
Leandra Agazzi
Grown on Your Own
Grown on Your Own Installation 2020 Plants, flax, crochet hook, led, metal rings, tape 220 x 220 x 300 cm This work began with the collection and cultivation of avocado seeds. The carpet is crocheted in a spiral from the inside to the outside and around the plants. After that the plants are watered daily. For more comfort the centre of the installation is padded with a cushion. The light from the LED rings shines dow- nward, providing light for the plants. Both the ins- tallation creates a space where the plants and their caretaker can meet in a ritualised way.
Work Credit: 
Leandra Agazzi
Honeymoon Wall sculpture 2020 Beewax, wood, led, white wash 120 x 80 x 5 cm A scent of beeswax spreads from the sculpture into the room. The wax was cast using clay casts from a shingle house wall. Honeymoon is gently illuminated from behind.
Work Credit: 
Leandra Agazzi
Log in Luck
Log in Luck Wall sculpture 2020 Santanghoo luckywood, screen print on fabric, led, wifi microcontroller 40 x 40 x 3 cm This sculpture is a kind of animated luminous ornament for the wall. It is not a lamp and it is not a picture, but rather a symbol. It stands for ‘being connected’. The wood comes from a source which is said to have lucky power. Via mobile phone, a Wi-Fi connection can be established with the sculpture. The stripes of the sculpture light up and switch off randomly.
Work Credit: 
Leandra Agazzi

Leandra Agazzi, Born 1994-, in Zurich Switzerland Education

2021-            Master Fine Arts, Zurich University of the Arts
2018-2021    Bachelor Fine Arts, Zurich University of the Arts
2016-2017    Gestalterische Berufsmaturität
2014-2016    Fachfrau Kinderbetreuung EFZ

2021 Ivan Ladislav Galeta Award, 4th International Student Biennial, Split 

2021 Mini Residency auf dem Hammen, mit Marianne Müller, Schwyz 

2021 Assistent Karma International
2019 Founder and administration offspace https://breakroom.ch

United States
San Francisco Bay
United States
Washington D.C. Metro Area
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Los Angeles



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