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I undertook the Empty home research with the idea of the disappearance of ruins in the contemporary world.
The memory, the imprints, once held by places are now replaced by prefabricated objects destined to disappear.
I saw in the photography of places that were empty for reasons ranging from the termination of a lease to death the opportunity to create ruins and thus make an archaeology of them.
I started with places that were dear to me in this first series.
These visits by strangers to the house, passing through it and inhabiting it, give me the opportunity to make the familiar meet the strangeness, giving rise to a new inner landscape.

Empty home series ἄλφα
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© Stéphanie Barbetta
Empty home series βῆτα
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© Stéphanie Barbetta
Empty home series γάμμα
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© Stéphanie Barbetta
Empty home series δέλτα
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© Stéphanie Barbetta
Empty home series ζῆτα
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© Stéphanie Barbetta

Stéphanie Barbetta works as a multidisciplinary artist in the fields of visual art, writing and performing arts.

She conducts artistic research on what she calls traum-a in the framework of the "substance brute" project she founded. From the German Traum (dream) and the Greek letter a privative, she transfigures trauma as a possible Schrödinger dream into incandescent images.

Since 2020, her visual creations have been exhibited in Geneva (Cave), London (The Holy Art Gallery, Boomer), Hong Kong (Fenice art gallery), Germany (, New York (Royal Society of American Art) and Dallas (envisions art).

In 2020, she won the Swiss PEG writing prize for her short story /Exploser d'amour/. In the same year, she received several awards in visual art (cf. ArtJobs, a degree in the performing arts and a master's degree in literature and philosophy, these two directions intersect in her performances and more generally in her creations.

Usually photographing installations of coloured objects that arise from philosophical reflections, Stéphanie Barbetta chooses to use black and white for images that are conceived as documentaries, as in the projects Premother (2021) and Empty home (2022).

Her latest performance 'Dance with my eyes' (the Holy Art Gallery, London, February 2022) deals with the question of Leibnizian micro-perceptions in relation to the practice of EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) which she has been doing for over ten years.

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