Ling Hsiu Tsai

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I see my work as slow activism of spiritual growth, respect, love, and realization about life and even death.

This series, Girl's Dream is a series I began in 2020, a self-discovery into her deep secrets and comfort zones. 

Girl's Dream NO. 5
Girl's Dream NO. 1

The Alice Tsai (Ling Hsiu Tsai), a fine artist, and a motion designer with a rich drawing background,. Her portfolio spans oil painting, digital animation, and live-action films. She has lived in New York City for several years and currently lives in Taipei, Taiwan. Alice’s passion for expressing her thoughts and feelings for love, death, and lives brings her work to a deep conceptual level. Her opinions on arts and life are influenced by philosophy, psychology, and her native sentiments.

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United States
United States
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