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Binghui Song was born in China.She graduated from Royal College of Art and was studied at Tokyo University of the Arts for a year. She is an interdisciplinary artist who specialises in a variety of traditional crafts and materials such as metal, enamel and glass, and is also committed to cross-media creation. Taking automatism and personal growth experience as her creative background, she injects her own subjective thoughts and fantasy into the works while paying attention to the rhythmic change of the material itself: she uses traditional skills to use materials, light, shadow, sound and lines as vehicles, through both the conflict and the fusion between materials and craftsmanship.  In her creative and experimental explorations, she has gradually refined the elements that best represent her personal emotions and applied them to her paintings, jewellery and sculpture, slowly achieving self-healing and self-acceptance.In the long process of fighting against anger, vulnerability, and depression, Binghui continued to paint and create in an intuitive mode. Memories and pain from Binghui’s childhood and puberty contribute to her occasional auditory hallucinations.  Binghui studies the relationship between emotion and matter, life and death, fragility and immortality, intangibility and visibility, and tries to achieve a flowing mood between nature and creation, as well as self-healing.

Psychedelic Fluid2
Psychedelic Fluid1
Psychedelic Blaze
Psychedelic Fluid3
Psychedelic obscure
Tweed Heads
United Kingdom



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