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Dimitris Pikros

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My work has always focused on creating thematic art projects, telling stories (personal or not) that make the viewer think and find out the relation with the artwork. I am motivated in creating art that represent the outlook of the present moment, trying to fuse a new dialogue of shapes, textures and elements inspired by our art/ design/ music/ technology-oriented times. The outcome of that process is what I am now calling “Innovative Paintings”.  

Year: 2020 Medium: Acrylic Painting Dimensions: (H) 80cm (W) 60cm (D) 4.5cm
Primal Scream
Year: 2021 Medium: Acrylic Painting, Copper Gilding Metallic Flakes Dimensions: (H) 80cm (W) 40cm (D) 4.5cm

Born in Larisa, Greece.
​I am a visual artist/ painter and an art-mindset methodology coach.
I graduated from the School of Fine Arts at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, with a first class Honours Degree in 2000 (I obtained the top grades in the year and was subsequently selected to present my work at Art Biennale Athens). At the Art Biennale Athens my exhibited collection received much acclaim thus all my artwork were sold.

Since 2000 I have shown my work in individual and group exhibitions in several countries in Europe, most frequently in Greece, Spain, Germany, Japan and London. At the peak of my success, I retired from the art business in order to embark on an art journey of self-growth and personal development, where I developed my knowledge of Zen, Life Coach, Meditation and Yoga philosophies. My Zen artwork period helped me develop personally and find inner peace and balance.

I am currently live and work in London.

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