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After graduating from my fashion photography degree years ago I boxed my own camera away, in the meantime silently slipping into the world of e-commerce as my job. With the global pandemic making the world stop running, suddenly there was more free time than I could ever remember having, which helped my creative ideas return. I started toying with a project that I had at the back of my mind for quite some time. The flower series began with the idea of capturing everyday beauty and with the world being ‘closed down’ it made me resort to the use of available materials as foraging for wildflowers. Having always had a play with the idea of gravity, suspending items mid-air, it was obvious that submerging flowers in a water mass would be a way forward. The end result is photos that are little fragments from fairytales.

Wild Carrot pt VI
Wild Angelica pt II
Rhododendron Calsap pt VI
Rhododendron Calsap pt IX
Black Mustard pt I
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United Kingdom



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