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I often reflect on the transformative power of AI in the creation of art. This fusion of technology and traditional artistry opens up new avenues for expression, enabling me to explore complex themes and experiment with visual forms in ways previously unimaginable. My passion for AI-assisted art lies in its ability to challenge perceptions, push boundaries, and introduce a novel lens through which we can view the familiar. It's a collaborative dance between the artist's vision and the machine's capabilities, resulting in a unique and compelling body of work that stands at the intersection of human creativity and artificial intelligence. This journey with AI has not only expanded my artistic horizons but has also allowed me to contribute to the evolving dialogue around the role of technology in art.

Love is everywhere.
Iris's Inner Odyssey
Visionary Veil

I am Vladimir Shmoylov, a dynamic artist and designer with a profound focus on the intersection of technology, art, and design. My career, rooted in over a quarter-century of experience, began with a solid educational foundation in Transport Design from MAMI (Moscow Polytechnic University). Residing in the UK under a Talent Visa, my journey has evolved from industrial design to a significant emphasis on digital and conceptual art, highlighted by my role as Chief Design Officer at S3 Company.

My work, recognized both nationally and internationally, showcases a unique amalgamation of art and design, reflecting a deep understanding of various artistic mediums. This innovative approach, particularly my exploration with AI and advanced graphics tools, has led to prestigious awards and my artwork being featured in significant exhibitions.

In my capacity at S3 Company and as a chief designer for ERA, I have significantly contributed to packaging and product design across various sectors, leading to the successful sale of over 1.5 billion units worldwide. My broad scope of work underscores my ability to innovate in multiple design facets, ensuring each product stands out in its market.

Dedicated to fostering a culture of knowledge sharing and innovation, I actively participate as a speaker at industry events, aiming to inspire upcoming artists and designers. My philosophy intertwines beauty, functionality, and technological advancement, with a goal to continue pushing the boundaries of creativity and contributing to the evolution of the art and design world.

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