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I drew inspiration from the statue of St. Bartholomew Flayed, wrapped in his own skin, which sparked a vision of blending 2D and 3D.
2D represents the flayed skin—a smooth surface with minimal cuts, yet revealing subtle 3D details. Like crushing a can flat, the curves and shadows hint at the hidden volume within.
My project explores the body-skin relationship, aiming to transform 2D into 3D by revealing the hidden intricacies within our skin.

‘2/3’ look 2
‘2/3’ look 5
Hands of Glory 02
This series is inspired by the thief’s tool documented in the ancient alchemical text, ‘The Glorious Hand,’ featuring candles inserted into five fingers that emits light that only visible to the holder. Human fingers themselves, or the direction where they point, often captivate attention, akin to candles and lamps emitting light. I materialise fingers as wicks,challenging anthropocentrism, with each work crafted from leather offcuts, discarded fabric, and found objects, all contributing to a narrative or reuse and transformation.
Hands of Glory 03
Hands of Glory 04

Yu DeWei is an artist based in London. Since studying Ba menswear at Central Saint Martins, he has utilised natural materials and found objects from flea markets to craft garments, accessories, and sculptures.

Driven by an intense fear of death, his work centres on the distortion and dissection of the human body, imbuing his pieces with a sense of ‘disharmony.’ He believes this disharmony captivates viewers, provoking introspection and gradually challenging deeply ingrained notions. His art prompts contemplation on finding life’s potential amidst decay and mortality’s inevitability. 

Using materials like cotton, linen, wool, leather, and metal, his creations capture the ravages of time, alongside salvaged waste and aged objects, each with its own narrative. Through his ongoing creative process, he seeks to confront and alleviate the fear of death, offering solace to others who share this anxiety.


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