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I am always intrigued by the arts, which further pushed me to become an artist in my own right. I am determined to make artwork that connects with the viewer and questions the role that they may play into certain society's constructs or what roles they may play within their own internal battles, but I also like to make "aesthetically pleasing" artwork as well.  I am a firm believer that there must be a balance within my artwork, and I will always tend to do just that.

This image is from a series called "Connection." We must always be connected to who we are and who we want to become.
Work Credit: 
I created this image on my own using the camera app and tripod.
Sweetgrass Hand
Sweetgrass basket weaving is a staple for Gullah-Geechee Culture and African Culture and walking around Downtown, Charleston you will be able to see a sweetgrass weaver keeping the traditions alive.
Work Credit: 
I took this photography of a woman making a sweetgrass basket.
Black Girl
This image is from the "Black Girl" Series. This series is showing the strength and resilience of black women living in this world. We may have to endure pain, but we will over those hardships.
Work Credit: 
I took this picture using the canon app and my tripod.
Take it to God in Prayer
This woman seemed at peace with God regarding whatever health issues she may have to endure.
Work Credit: 
I took this picture as I was leaving the beach.
The Path
The location of this image is called, "The Battery" and this area is always full of people, but because of the pandemic, this area was empty. However, I named this image "The Path" because we all must choose our own paths in life.
Work Credit: 
I took this photo when the city was locked down during the pandemic.

I am a self-taught photographer/visual artist currently residing in Charleston, SC. I also like to make short films and work on film/tv sets.  Even though I have attended college for political science, I have always been intrigued by the arts.  And as a result, I am always looking for new and innovative ways to expand my knowledge of the many art forms.  I am also trying and wanting to pursue my art career full time.

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United States
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