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Anousha’s sculptural practice represents the body in amorphous fragments, often made from materials such as wax and expanding foam that ooze, are viscous or are temporal so as to imitate the instability of the human body. Her work is an exploration of abject embodiment and corporeal existence, along with grotesque ontology and the psychoanalytic theories surrounding such philosophies. somewhat oscillating on the border between abstraction and realism, it is the embodied, open and transcendent subjectivity of the ‘grotesque’ body that she is most engaged with. She seeks to enact the complex duality of repulsion and desire and possibly violate sensibilities with her visceral sculptures that bulge out into their surrounding spaces. 

Untitled I
122 x 102 x 70 cm Polyurethane foam, Plaster, Wax, Rawhide, Glass, Oil Paint, Concrete, Hair 2021
Plethora (details)
97 x 61 x 70 cm Plaster, Wax, Wire, Textile 2021

Currently undertaking a BA in Fine Art at the Slade School of Fine Art, UCL, Anousha is hopefully at the beginning of her artistic career. Predominately sculptural, her practice focuses on representing the instability of the human body. She is fascinated by the psychoanalytic theories surrounding “abjection” as well as the philosophical writings on grotesque ontology. Heavily influenced by theory, Anousha transforms her theoretical research into visceral works that transgress the boundaries between life and death, inside and outside, and self and other to name a few. 

With 3 years still left of her BA, there is still plenty of development and experimentation to be undertaken and she is excited to see where her exploration into abject embodiment, materiality and psychoanalysis will take her 3-Dimensional practice next.

Group Shows:

The Holy Art, ‘Revolution: Art & Change’/ London 2021

Fubar Collective, ‘The Absurd’/ The Crypt Galley, London 2021

‘Thoroughfare’ Exhibition/ Camberwell College of Arts, London 2020

Art Awards:

The Alfred Kedington Morgan Memorial Art Prize, 2019

The XX Art Photography Prize, 2019

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United States
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New York
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