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I am both terrified and seduced by the world, and the prospect of the future —

Through drawings, my work seeks to map out the 'flesh of the psyche’. Representing systems that occur within - reflecting the tension of polarised life both in wider culture and from the hereditary stream of bipolar disorder in my family. Drawing’s legacy as a tool for mapping and structuring the world through design and architecture is significant, yet often an intermediary plan for an external outcome, I apply these features in the inverse and seek an internal image. I utilise retro- futurist styles in order to queer the time-frame they exist in, desiring the naivety or innocence of machines before the digital turn.

The psyche is an entirely embodied phenomena, not simply the chemical activity of the brain, but the body and brain’s combined subjective consumption and regurgitation of the world. The mind is an unknowable machine. There is logic enclosed in mystery. God’s biggest secret is kept within the confines of the psyche and its enigma. The psyche is like everything outside the world, expanding forever into darkness. My drawings capture this mystery, totally entranced by the impossibility of how we work. They come forward as symbols and faint formulations of truth. Mystery Machines and Mechanisms.

I consider my drawings as machines, and therefore as an expression of the human desire to mimic the ultimate universal machine of God, whether this be for creative or destructive purposes. One machine may produce wonder, another may facilitate war, either way a machine attempts to harness the power of the cosmos. 

2022, Graphite on Murano Paper, 50 cm x 65 cm. Most recently finished drawing. Spermicide, in contrast to the implications of its name, does not always kill sperm, but creates a mechanic barrier as well as immobilising the sperm to prevent it from swimming; thus disabling it from entering the egg.
The Man That Connects Us Towers Above Me
2022, Graphite on Murano Paper, 65 cm x 50cm. Influenced by the totemic power lines I observed in Greece, June, 2022, that towered above me like I was a small child lost amongst the creations of men from times gone by and time yet to come.

b. 1998, England - Daniel Valentine is an artist living and working in London. Valentine's practice utilises retro-futurist styles in order to accentuate the significance of materials and their capacity to relate to spiritual phenomena. Evoking machine-like objects in the last stages before the digital turn, Valentine seeks to mimic the mechanics of the universe. Valentine's work maps out a 'flesh of the psyche' through detailed drawings that materialise the subconscious contents that one absorbs from the world, in both the microcosm of the personal to the macrocosm of the culture. Both numinous and cautionary, the work carefully steps on the intersection of the spiritual, political and the hermetic.

Daniel Valentine is a graduate from the Goldsmiths, University of London, BA Fine Art course of 2020.

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