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Elli Masterton

Elli Masterton

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My name is Elli Masterton. I was born and raised in Zimbabwe by my Rhodesian dad and English mum, our dogs and cat Juma, Megs and Thumby. The corrupt economic and political situation in Zimbabwe meant we moved to England when I was 5. Fast forward 14 years, I went to university in Falmouth, Cornwall to study Fine Art with the intention to pursue prison art teaching. There I fell in love with the Fine art practise of picking a starting place and following that road through to an exciting unknown destination. Taking delight in the process of experimentation and research as well as the end result, if there is one or if we allow it - the process continues endlessly. I’ve remained in Falmouth to do just this. And maybe one day I’ll get to share the power and beauty of art with men and women in prisons. The art I make is a way of responding and processing the world around me as a dyslexic, slow processing person. And as a 23-year-old learning what it means to be an adult, the meaning of life and personhood. There is so much beauty in the everyday which shifts the emphasis off myself and causes me to worship, not the creation but the Creator. I want to draw and paint for the rest of my life to fully explore my craft and develop my skills. To realistically represent the ugliness of life, the world and my own heart but also the hope and beauty that keeps me looking up. Around one bend of my art road is a series of oil paintings which explore vulnerability through the human figure and ephemeral looking discs. Around another bend you'll find wine paintings in response to light, nature and the human figure.

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