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Zhang Haodong (b. 1997, Beijing) focuses on video and mixed material creations. Influenced by the cultural diversity between the East and West, Zhang is interested in the expression of existentialism with a stream of consciousness style, playfully comments on the antinomy of social realities. By capturing daily life scenes, combined with carefully selected ready-made products in line with his Interpretivism of concepts, Zhang mapping the ideology and contradictions brought by history, nationality, and memory.

Yellow Skin, White Flesh
Yellow Skin, White Flesh Video Size variable 2022 For the performance video, please go to the link - https://www.haodongzhang.com/yellow-skin-white-flesh Performance of a banana eating its peel. Banana as a symbol of Asian identity, trying to deconstruct the contradictions between Ethnic identity and cultural globalization.
observe 0-1
Observe 0-1 Mixed-materials installation; video Size variable 2022 Work contains both video and installation, for further images of work and video, please go to the link - https://www.haodongzhang.com/observe-0-1 Concept Statement - Binding, Zen, Philosophy, Nature ...... Observe 0-1 is composed of a mixed media installation and an video. The image is projected on a hanging fabric reel, with red and blue woolen strings twisted between a sculpture made of resin and installation. The work attempts to weave an Eastern Zen 'mood' through the language of materiality and the seemingly random but deliberately selected video clips. The poetic expression of correspondence in classical Chinese philosophy is complemented by a critical perspective on male dominance, which subjectively interacts with and recapitulates an ineffable sense of grief, describing the intricate relationship between situation and intellect.

Zhang got BA from Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London(2022) and currently living and working in London.

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United States
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