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My artwork revolves around the social, political and cultural issues faced by women in our generation today. The societal norms put forth by the men in our era and the struggles encountered by the women till date has an endless history. I find myself continually fighting and standing for women’s rights when she has always been targeted for her every action. Through my work of art, I try and spread awareness of ‘Feminism’; challenges tackled by a woman or battles she has to fight within herself or with the entire race of humanity. In my varied and versatile approach with a diverse range of artistic abilities, I tend to work in all mediums; installations, printmaking, sculpture, painting and photography. The choice of the medium develops through the concept of the artwork that I am pursuing for which then suits best in interacting with the viewer.
Although there may not always be material and medium similarities between the works created, they are linking with my practice of integrating words within the oeuvre. Coming from an Indian background and knowing my culture deeply, at times, there is a fusion of my language and my ethnic values and beliefs that helps my concept to be more expressive. So, putting everything into pieces with the idea, the medium and incorporating excerpts, there is an enthralling statement about the work of art designed. The vivid use of colours, such as black, red and white that are evident in every piece of bodywork capture genuine emotions of anger, rebellion and pain embodying the feeling of emptiness within the subject itself. This style of an intense colour mishmash with bold write-ups is an inspiration from the known conceptual artist Barbara Kruger, featuring provocative statements on issues surrounding commercial culture, feminism and identity politics.

This work represents the status of women in a society where the societal "norms" manipulates the women to act even if it is against their will. It depicts the lack of significant status of women in society.
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The work captures the brutal reality of women suffering daily because of sexual abuse and violence within the male-dominated era, where she lacks a significant status in society.

Harshita Garode (b. 28th March 1996) from India had passion for being an artist since her childhood when she held her first crayon and ever since then she constantly strifes to become better as an artist. It was after her 10th grade that she understood the importance of the concept of Feminism. This idea was visible in her paintings as the subject in the piece of work slowly began to reciprocate the feelings of anguish, pain and misery. Soon she got an opportunity to leave her homeland and to step into the professional industry by getting into a foreign University of Northampton and learn more about the World of Art. Her concepts and idealogies started to take a structured form and shape in terms of installations, printmaking and much more in respect to her design process. She hopes that her work gets acknowledged and transform the society into a better place to live in.

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