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"Womb" is a collection of paintings made using acrylic on canvas, with the body as the paintbrush. By intimately interacting with the paints with certain body parts, I am to express the worries and traumas relating to growing up as a woman. The idea of "Womb" was born when I started the process of a long diagnosis concerning my ovaries and womb, by way of illustrating the apprehension that comes from being unsure of what is going on inside of my own body and the worry that comes with problems with reproductive organs.

"My gardens boundaries are the horizon" - Derek Jarman

Jemima Charrett-Dykes is an artist whose output is primarily autobiographical, drawing from experiences in childhood and the aftermaths of psychosis as a result of Complex Post-traumatic Stress Disorder. Using art-making as a therapeutic outlet, Jemima's work often references her past and the traumas linked to her body both physically and mentally. She operates across multiple mediums, ranging from photography to painting to ceramics, all of which are thematically linked through visions of childhood, the female body and exploration of "The Self" and psyche as the main subject.

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