Joseph Willoughby

Joseph Willoughby

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Joseph Willoughby is 24 years old and studied architecture at the University of Liverpool. He has always had a strong passion for art, but more recently in the past 3 years, he has dedicated his time to creating pieces that reflect on mental health. His father passed away in 2018 and art became an outlet for him to process his grief. He began with a focus on portraits and landscapes however, his most recent collection has a more personal focus on mental health through contemporary realism. Using the common symbol of a balloon, a prominent symbol of happiness, to portray different emotions and feelings, challenging the narrative through irony and sympathy of his mental state.

Media: Acrylic on Wooden Panel Size: 90x60cm
Work Credit: 
Joseph Willoughby
Media: Acrylic on Wooden Panel Size: 62x123cm
Work Credit: 
Joseph Willoughby
United States of America
New York City
United States
New York
United States
Highland Park



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