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Miles Takes’ art practice is a visual exploration of an abstraction in the details of everyday life. Creating art gives him the freedom and space to explore his own inner vision of the world around him. Miles is influenced by geometric forms and patterns in nature. His artistic approach is an interpretation of the sensory environment through colour and shape, motivated by the correlation between memories and emotions in relation to the visual world. He expresses these visualisations taken from natural imagery and moments of beauty such as a flower in bloom, the flow of water and the cycle of seasons. Colour is a significant part of his process and expression. He experiments blending colours together by hand to produce vibrant, bold pigments that reflect the intricate wealth of beauty he sees. He explores the intensity of it by dividing shades, hues, and tone in his pieces to examine its depth on a microscopic layer of seeing things. Extracting the essence of form and feeling from these perspectives, Miles’ art softens the moment and is free from distraction. He balances between symmetry and asymmetry in his compositions, creating a meditative space in reflection of the ideal, perfected qualities of the universe in motion.

Depths, 2022
Bloom I, 2022
Waves, 2022
Night, 2022

Miles Takes is a Visual Artist and Designer based in South East England. Working with varied materials in the painting medium, he creates abstract, geometric compositions inspired by the shifting qualities of colour and movement in nature. With an eye for beauty, Miles’ artistic process is meticulous. He mainly works in medium to large scale, using high quality, hand-mixed acrylic paints and gloss lacquer on birch wood panels to create his organic, abstract patterns. In 2014 he graduated from De Montfort University from the Architecture program with a Bachelors degree. Outside of Miles’ art practice he is a graphic, print and textile designer, working for almost a decade in the luxury fashion and music industries. His studies and design career provided him the foundation to forming his unique style, integrating elements of design principles into the aesthetics of his artistic techniques.

Coming from a mixed raced background, Miles’ continuously involves himself in projects, communities and collaborations that empower minorities in the creative industry. He has designed album work for critically acclaimed musicians and printed textiles for some of Britain's most loved luxury fashion brands. He is currently the creative lead for Black Artist Database, a community-based platform that promotes and supports People of Colour across the diaspora within the music and art industry.

Unite States
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