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Through my art, I strive to shed light on the fragile state of our planet and the urgent need to address the challenges it faces. By presenting a world where animals and imaginary creatures play pivotal roles, I aim to inspire contemplation about our own place within this interconnected web of life. Furthermore, by referencing Persian miniatures and carpets, I invite viewers to reconnect with their own childhood memories and embrace the enduring beauty of the Eastern world in a contemporary context.

Ultimately, my art is an exploration of the delicate balance between humanity, the environment, and the diverse creatures that coexist with us. It is a call to action, urging us to recognize the importance of preserving and cherishing our planet, its creatures, and the harmonious relationships we can forge.


The Animal castle
Elephant Body
Evolution Hill
Modern Hunting

was born in Iran and based in London. His personal work is concerned with creatures and animals that have been identified in a new world with issues concerning life and human resistance. He depicts the Eastern world (Persian miniatures and carpets) as childhood memories in the form of animal characters in a modern and technological space

United States
United States
United States
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New York



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