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These photographs belong to my latest project, titled De-flowered. A short series about porn addiction and desensitisation to pornographic content.

On the surface they look like any other beautiful flower pics, but these are no ordinary pictures of flowers. That's because each composition is lit exclusively using pornography.

I chose to use a method called light painting, which involves placing the camera on a tripod whilst moving a light source around the composition to light it. In this case, the only light source is coming from my phone, which as you may have guessed - has pornographic videos playing.

The carnal colours and intimate scenes are reflected in the floral arrangements, creating a stark contrast between concept and composition. 

This project has not been published yet. So, I am extremely excited to be sharing it with you today!


My name is William Josephs Radford, and I'm a fine art photographer from Spain.

Having formed a deep affection with photography at a young age, I use the medium to express a varierty of topics and conversations, from sex and drugs to gender and identity. Using a DSLR camera, I seek to create artworks which challenge the viewer to think about these themes from a new perspective.

Inspired by the likes of Michael wolf, Andres serrano, Chema madoz & Andreas gursky. I find a lot of inspiration in artists which have reshaped the medium through their practice.

I believe a strong visual impact is key to further engaging with a topic, and I am especially drawn to any from of visual tension, therefore I use a lot of signs, symbols & semiotics in my work.

United States
Los Angeles
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