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Noah Davis said: “painting, like spirituality, makes people very uncomfortable.” Uncomfortable is good. It’s the juicy intersection between the chaos and unpredictability of the outside world, and the peace and tranquillity of the inside world.

As an abstract artist, I use acrylic and mixed media on canvas to explore the interplay between the physical and ethereal. My paintings are a visual portal to the truth of who you are. They celebrate our humanity and I hope challenge the traditional notion of what it means to be human.

Following a number of profound experiences, I struggled to express what I was feeling. Abstract painting became the dialogue between my inner and outer worlds. Inspired by the vibrant colour in nature, I use texture, splatters, layers and spontaneous mark making to reflect the complexity of human beings, our connection to each other and the world around us.

Drawing on my background as a healer, I infuse my paintings with prana/energy to serve as a catalyst for personal transformation, inviting you to explore beyond your five senses.

Turquoise Soul Fire

Vicky Paul is a Scottish intuitive abstract artist currently living and working just outside London. Always a free spirit, she left university in search of adventure and foreign cultures. She travelled to India, Egypt and Israel before settling in Paris, France. Back in the UK, she enjoyed a successful career as an award-winning radio presenter, reporting backstage from the MTV VMA’s and interviewing everyone from Madonna, to Kylie and George Michael.

She spent her childhood drawing and acting, inspired by her grandparent’s passion for painting. In her 30’s, a profound experience led her to sense and work with energy. Intrigued by what she found, Vicky trained as an energy healer, yoga teacher and intuitive coach.

Creativity has been a lifelong companion, but Vicky returned to painting after three miscarriages left her struggling to express what she was feeling. Using bold, vibrant colour palettes inspired by her passion for the natural world, she layers paint, adding texture, splatter and spontaneous mark making to reflect the complexity of human nature.

She draws on her background as a healer by infusing her paintings with prana/energy to invite you to explore beyond your five senses and unlearn what you think and know about the light within and around you.

Vicky paints abstracts, abstract florals and soul/energy portraits; an intuitive reflection of your inner essence. She also runs The Art of Wellbeing online and in person intuitive painting workshops to help release judgement and tap into inner creativity.

Vicky started exhibiting her work at The Royal Scottish Academy OPEN+ in 2018. In 2019, she had her first solo show ‘Abstract Florals’ at the NAFAS 60th Anniversary in London and in 2020, she had her first solo virtual exhibition ‘Seen and Unseen’ to great acclaim. Vicky launched #FREEdomArtFriday in 2020, a weekly year long art giveaway to help engage people in spiritual art. She is now working on her third solo exhibition addressing diversity, inclusion, discrimination and equality, the aim of which is to create an internal dialogue around tolerance and open-mindedness.

Vicky’s work celebrates humanity, the relationship with ourselves and the search for something more than the material world we inhabit. She sells original work, commissions and prints to collectors in the UK, USA, Canada and Japan.   

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