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I love to contemplate myself in silence. As a human, who will still be incomplete until dying, I need to reflect, consider, and be aware of myself to grow up. I have been strongly attempting to look at myself with an objective lens. All the process of my work stimulated me to contemplate my values which had dominated me and ones which were not. I might be overcoming, changing, adapting, or compromising myself towards what I hadn’t actually valued.

  • Used cardboard

In terms of the environment preferred and being against materialism, the ideas, “used materials” and “reuse,” are the gears of my cardboard creation. I could easily collect a lot of cardboard because of my online shopping packages. And, I realized how my art philosophy contradicted itself by trying to use sustainable materials from what I had over consumed. “Reuse,” the perspective in my art, represents the ideas, considering the environment and life's simplicity. Ironically, my life philosophy is often tested by my old habits of excessively consuming resources that I hope I can one day overcome. At some point, my flow of thought and artwork went through a concept of contradiction with my incompleteness. 

  • Monochrome colors and shapes

Just like being black and white, I have a doublesidness to myself. I think all humans can relate to this concept of polarity in terms of saying one thing and doing another. One thing I’ve learned throughout my life is that there is nothing that I can be too sure about and judge too quickly. But, in contrast, I unconsciously do all the time.

Have you ever tried to simplify your life? Simplicity is not as easy as we think since it comes from a complex process. I am still in the process of simplifying my work. As all of my work becomes simpler, I become more in tune with myself. Compared to my perspective of artwork, focusing on “reuse,” which represents both simplicity of life and the environment preferred, I am a person who is strongly pervaded by materialism in my real life. Subconsciously, I could have implied my contradictory aspects in all of my cardboard works.

Ji Eun Lim, No.18, 2020, Acrylic on cardboard Papier-mâché, Dimensions variable
Ji Eun Lim, No.12, 2020, Acrylic on cardboard, 18 X 18 cm (each of three)
Ji Eun Lim, No.10, 2020, Cardboard, 13.5 X 13.5 X 8.3 cm (each of six)
Ji Eun Lim, No.6, 2020, Acrylic on cardboard, 18 X 18 cm (each of 24)
Ji Eun Lim, No.9, 2020, Paint marker on cardboard, Dimensions variable

Ji Eun Lim is an artist and art educator based in New York from South Korea. As an artist, she became aware of the artistic potential of cardboard as a used material through her thesis research and teaching art. She recognized the infinity of using “used cardboard.” Cardboard was the material that stimulated her students to make their creation playfully. This motivated her to collect cardboard to create her visual narrative. During the progress of her work, she intensively contemplated herself as a human, artist, and art educator.

She pursues to motivate her students to explore their self-awareness through her teaching art. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art for Communication Design and Master Education for Fine Arts Education in Seoul, Korea. She taught visual arts and art history for five years in many private art studios and public schools in Seoul. Since 2019, after graduating from the Master of Arts in Teaching at School of Visual Arts in New York, she has been teaching diverse art lessons integrated with multi-disciplines such as science, history, social studies and other cultures in New York. She dedicates to share her own art, education, and multicultural experience of diversity with her students and colleagues. 


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