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Sometimes described as “a place between light and dark”, her work explores the search for spiritual truth in a secular culture, the balance of chaos and serenity, solemn grace, and finding beauty in dark and lonely places.

Cathedral Of The Self: Pandemic Self Portrait (12 Months In Quarantine)
Oil on Linen, 20x24 inches There’s many things I think of when I look at this painting: During the pandemic my hair grew very long, all the way down to my hips. We moved into an old house to get away from city life, with a garden and fruit trees outside. The same garden where I picked the orange branch I hold in my lap. From the orange tree which casts dancing shadows onto my face through my studio window. Although the room is dark and I sit alone, I am illuminated. And if you look closely, I am starting to smile. Life changed dramatically in Spring of 2020. I started waking up at sunrise and practicing yoga and meditation, taking better care of myself and my mind. I began focusing on painting and started to read again. I spent more time in nature. I became fascinated by monastic life. I wanted to mark this time, despite all of the stress and uncertainty, as a positive period in my life. A very rare and unique opportunity to travel inward. A chance for introspection and silence. To delve deep, discover and accept who I really am, work on myself, pursue higher learning, reevaluate things, and to find some amount of inner peace. Exhibited in: 2022 Figurative Exhibition - Salmagundi Club Comfort & Gratitude: Excellence In Traditional Fine Art Exhibition - California Art Club
Lena In The Light
Oil on Linen, 12 x 16 inches A portrait of the Dubai based artist Lena Lenda.

Calla Donofrio is a Japanese/Italian-American artist based in Los Angeles.

She took classes in classical drawing from a very early age and studied Fine Art at CalArts, graduating in 2013. Formerly a collage artist, she designed album artwork for musicians worldwide and showed her work in galleries all over the US and across the globe, the most noteworthy being a group show at The Tate Modern in 2012.

After a period of working in the entertainment industry and teaching herself to paint with watercolors, she first tried oil paints in early 2019 and was immediately hooked. She has painted almost every day ever since with a determination to dedicate her life to the knowledge and practice of this traditional craft.

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