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Photography today represents a vast field accessible to everyone as a documentation of their lives and experiences. As my artistic expression it takes a lot of personal research and investigation on how I'd like to communicate what I see, understand and recreate. Photography was always an important part of my life, always captivating my imagination and when technology showed up with digital cameras and softwares for image manipulation I started exploring a very fascinating new type of creating visual arts. It was like jumping into my obsession with photography and exploring its deepest reality. I felt I could go "inside" them and manipulate their essence in a very investigative way. I always use low resolution images, first because those were the images I could get in the beginning of the digital era and second because they are more “malleable” for me than high definition photography; with low resolution images the pixels are there to create opportunities. 

The “Landscapes series” presented here, has photography as its primary media showing ordinary landscapes as the main subject - the theme to instigate the work. Scenarios that bring back to the dialog between photography in relation to painting or the idea of painting, in a convencional setting but with a contemporary outcome - when the digital structure of the modern photography shows a constructive texture with visible, unmixed and exposed pixels in the final results. The landscape ambience is enhanced by the luminance and contrast, sometimes almost on the edge of an abstract artwork, but still and always holding on to its figurative provenance, revealing a visual aesthetic expression of a pictorial idyllic scenery and not a factual record of reality in a pleasant, calm and tranquil contemporary representation using the modern technology.  

Most of my artwork is single prints on Hahnemuhle Fine Art paper because I prefer to create more exclusive art than copies of the same.

(July 2021)

This image manipulated is a detail of a river bend. The contrast with the colors creates a big impact. The digital image gets into a painting effect but the mottled pixels are still visible. Like all my works showed in this collection this also has the same characteristics of the "unmixed" pixels. I want to show the digital images can become an independent artistic media. This image is a unique print on Hahnemuhle fine art paper.
Vista do lago (Lake view)
This is a photograph of the view of a lake in the afternoon. The image was manipulated to reveal the structural pixels of the digital photographs; they get unmixed as "mottled" of colors that build the texture of it. The image is almost abstract if looked close by but become more clear in a certain distance. The colors and contrast are a very distinguish characteristic of my work. The image is printed just once. I give my photographs the treatment of an unique artwork.
Caminho (Path)
This is a photo I took on my way during a walk through the woods. I pointed my camera lower on the path instead of my eye level. Everywhere had only shades of green and brown but manipulating the image I found a colorful, full of contrast, yet delicate, panterly image. I immediately thought about Monet and imagined if he had the pixels to play with it could look something like this. My main characteristic is very represented on this image because we can see the pixels as the structure and the colorful result on the final artwork. This image is print in Hahnemuhle Fine Art paper.
This image shows a very pleasant corner of a cliff by the trail next to a river. The colors are very natural and the quietness of the moment are present. We can see the texture created by the uneven and intentionally mottled pixels revealing a pleasant landscape. This is very clear the interaction between the photograph and the painting treatment creat by image manipulation. In the past photography interfere with the traditional art, now digital images are interfering with more tradicional photographs and paintings. There are so many possibilities; I see digital images as vast as it can be with artists personality shining through their work.
Paisagem na beira do lago (Lake view)
The landscape is ordinary, a typical scene of a day in the woods next to a lake, a very tranquil. What I am bringing up is the structure of the digital images, giving it a warm texture with the red mottles in contrast with the green and yellow of the woods. The "unmixed" pixels are purposeful, they are very characteristic of the digital images and that what I want to show in my work.

Bio - I studied art, photography and commercial and traditional printmaking in Sao Paulo - Brazil, my birthplace.  Almost 20 years ago, when I realized I could use technology instead of paint and brushes, my artwork found its media in the digital domain. Photography today is a vast area accessible to everyone. What I consider the differential in my photographs and image manipulation is my intuitive quest in producing something interesting and beautiful while trying to make a statement about digital art and all its modern relevance and contribution to contemporary art.  Most of my artwork is a unique single print on Hahnemuhle Fine art paper.

Artistic Education: 

FAAP - Bachelor in Fine Arts at Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado, São Paulo, Brazil

MAC/USP - Estudos de Museu de Arte (Art Museum Studies) at Museu de Arte Contemporânea - São paulo, Brazil

ECA/USP - Master degree in Art History at Escola de Comunicações e Artes da Universidade de São Paulo, with my dissertation: “Nicola Rollo -1889 - 1970. Um Escultor na Modernidade Brasileira”. (A Sculptor in the Modern Brazilian Art)

2021 Group Exhibitions:

MvVO - NYC 2021

Marin Society of Artists - EXPOSED 2021 (online exhibition)

Art Gallery Ring 2021 - Colour May 2021 (online exhibition)

Opal - Oak Park Art League- Contemporary Prairie - May 2021

OnBoards Biennale 21 Show up/Show Off - Antwerp June/July 2021

Art Lab Art Gallery (August 2021)

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Brookyln NY
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