David Joseph Fleshman

David Joseph Fleshman

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As a painter and digital designer, my artistic work has an important place in today’s art world by merging both traditional and digital artwork in one cohesive style. My work is inspired by Alan Fletcher, Herbert Bayer, Max Miedinger, Irina Furman, Paul Cezanne, and Wayne Thiebaud.

The two media styles I chose to work in are oil painting and digital artist. I like to paint realistic still life paintings such as “Fruits,” “Creamer & Bottles,” “Cakes,” and “Wine Glass & Flowers”. Each painting canvas that I make measures between 16″ x 20″ to 20″ x 20″. I use oil paints along with digital designs to create my artwork. While working in digital media, I use my DSLR Canon camera to take various photographs. My favorite photo images are animals, landscapes including trees, mountains, and even images of Las Vegas including my “A Pathway of Lights” photograph. I upload my images to the computer and use the special programs of Adobe Photoshop to touch up the photos. Next, I transfer them to Adobe InDesign to use them for bookmarks, postcards, and posters such as “NaviGuide”. For my posters, I use Adobe Photoshop brushes, and typography to create them like my “Expose Exhibition” and “Wishes” poster artwork.

A quote from Neville Brody, a famous London, England graphic artist states, “Digital design is like painting, except the paint never dries.” The quote represents a graphic designer’s thoughts on how your work is never done. Because I am a graphic designer and an artist, I put in my best-detailed craftsmanship and the time needed to complete each project

Broken Crystalize Jewel
Work Credit: 
David Joseph Flsehman
Colorful Peacock
Work Credit: 
David Joseph Fleshman
Purple Brooch
Work Credit: 
David Joseph Fleshman
Golden Irish Claddagh
Work Credit: 
David Joseph Fleshman
Brilliant Butterflesi
Work Credit: 
David Joseph Fleshman

David Fleshman was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada in 1991. He earned his Boy Scouts of America Eagle Scout Award in 2008. David was awarded first place in the 2008 Boy Scouts of America Patch Contest for the Las Vegas Area, North Star District. In 2009, he graduated with High Honors at Southeast Career Technical Academy High School majoring in Animation and Digital Game Development. In 2014, David earned an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Graphic Technology - Computer Graphic Design at the College of Southern Nevada. He has judged numerous exhibitions at CSN and participated in the 10th Bi-Annual CSN Graphic Art Exhibition and Portfolio Review in Spring 2014.

In 2015, he earned the Cynthia Bunker/Joy McClenahan Memorial Scholarship for attending the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. In 2018, David graduated with High Honors from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas with a Graphic Design and Media bachelor’s degree with a Minor in Art History. He was chosen to participate in a UNLV Capstone Thesis Show called, “Spaces Graphic Design Thesis Exhibition”. David’s academic design and artistic achievements, portfolio, and biography are included in the UNLV Capstone Thesis book. He is also included on their website located at “http:// spacesthethesis.design/”. David volunteered at the Nevada State Museum located at the Springs Preserve. He assisted in setting up the Electric Nevada Exhibition at the Nevada State Museum. In 2019, David graduated with his Associate of Arts Degree in Art Emphasis at CSN. On January 4, 2021, he was hired as a graphic design intern with “The 7th Magazine” located on the island of Ischia, Italy.

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