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Ekaterina Levina studied and worked as a fashion designer. In her early carrier, she demonstrated her works on local catwalks and exhibitions.She has also exhibited her works worldwide in Milk magazine Hong Kong in 2018 and Boomer gallery London in 2021. Her works are visible at katelevina.com and also on her Instagram page @katelevinagallery.

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Mother Nature
This is an allegory about circle of live. You can see the animals that surround her. From predators to small mammals. They are illusory, but they are the circle. And her body is a mix of skin kinds, plants, birds, and animals. She is inside of us and she is around us. Her body has less details than her face. Because it's something illusion. It's nature, it's us. And her legs are like a roots mostly. She is feeding a baby. But it's not just a regular infant. She is feeding a human and an animal and everything.
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artist herself
Old New England
Mixt media. Color pencils, Watercolor, digital
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artist herself

Ekaterina Levina is a professional artist, fashion designer, and illustrator based in US. Since I can remember myself I've been a creator. I can't imagine my life without art.Drawing and painting have always been my passion. My interests include illustration, design, fashion, both digital & traditional painting. I also love exploring with different styles and mixed media. The creation process has always been my way to relax, meditate and communicate with the world.  I believe that art always tells a story with colors, symbols, and meanings. And if this story resonates with the world, it can change everything, even life.

United Kingdom
United Kingdom
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