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Emily LaRoche

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Emily LaRoche is a photographer, artist and environmentalist who grew up in the Bay Area. She gets a majority of inspiration from walking in the streets. Combining both street photography and mixed media, she collects, documents and creates with items or moments taken in (or from) the streets.  She is drawn to peculiarities of the mundane everyday. She has an eye for humor and somberness exploring the blessings and burdens of being alive. The moments captured tend to show a sense of reflection or meditation in the ever sped up environments surrounding. 

As for mixed media LaRoche has explored egregious amounts of trash and ties these into her work in order to recirculate the objects redirecting them from the garbage to reuse. She sees potential in almost everything, imagining rebirth through found materials which are then used in her sculpture and collage. She creates abstract and conceptual pieces. 

Emily LaRoche had a stroke on the left side of her brain at age 10. Along with other effects, this left her with right-brain dominance which is thought to be where the creativity ‘lives’. Although this is controversial, she strongly believes it to be true with the creativity, aesthetic and pectoral way she views the world. 

San Francisco sky is burning
This was taken on Wednesday September 9th, 2020 when the west coast wild fires were out of control. I woke up in the morning and the sky was orange, it looked like Armageddon.
Woman reading
Street photography taken in Paris, sumner 2019.
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
United Kingdom



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