Erin Derby

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In this project, Reimagining Nature, I am once again working with botanicals. Photographing digitally and with unique mindfulness for lighting and detail, I am building wholly new imagery using objects from nature. I play with the relationships between the natural forms, in all of their stages and imperfections. They are not retouched of their flaws, and in some cases I wait until the flora is aging to incorporate it into the whole, as it takes on a new form. It is an exploration of the natural world. With that, I plan to also begin examining integrating creatures such as snakes and birds into the collages.


The images are meant to be viewed on a large scale of approximately 30"x30". The larger viewing area allows the details to be poured over, and provides a striking scene from a distance. The final images lend themselves to both near and far observations, with a different impact from each vantage point. 


No. 44
A botanical Collage.
Work Credit: 
Erin Derby
No. 77
A Botanical Collage.
Work Credit: 
Erin Derby
United States of America
King George
United States
North Yorkshire



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