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Hyun Jung Ji

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My paintings feature children who reflect my childhood self. When I was 10, I left Korea alone to go to New Zealand for school. I stayed at one of the dormitories since I don't have any family or friends there. After that, I moved from one boarding school to another in many countries over my teenage years. I was a brave little girl, yet my path and status were indeed unstable from a very early age. It was a difficult time due to the absence of my family and friends, my own loneliness, and language barriers. At that time, I thought that avoiding what I feel would make me happier.

My paintings feature factory pipes, faceless children, waterfalls, and tangled lines to express my repressed behavior from the supervision of school and dormitories, my cultural barrier, and absences of family. In the process of making images about my childhood, it allows me to keep asking myself questions. I go back to my past and stare at my young self. And then, I open my mind and accept everything I felt. Finally, I find the peace inside me.

Quiet Children
gouache on paper, 15"x22"
The Barrier
gouache on paper, 23"x16"
Cultural Barrier
gouache on paper, 23"x16"
gouache on paper, 28"x22"
Depression pool
gouache on paper, 15"x22"

Hyun Jung Ji, born in South Korea, now currently lives and practices as a professional painter in Los Angeles, California. She gained formal training as a painter at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA where she began to develop her unique illustrative style and meticulous approach to painting.

Hyun’s works are inspired by her childhood. Her painting plays a role as a medium to connect herself of the past with herself of the present. Hyun's process allows her to dive deep into her consciousness and by facing these memories, she feels like having a closer understanding of who she is. She produces engaging narratives populated by multiple figures of herself. Her works evoke a sense of fantasy and the subconscious.

Hyun Jung has featured at MvVO’s AD Art show, 2018 and 2019 at Sotheby’s NYC and World Trade Center, where she was one of three winners out of seven finalists. She also exhibited in various shows worldwide in 2019, including Lab. 11 at Malamegi Lab in Venice, Italy, Artrooms Fair London in London, United Kingdom, and All-Stars at Art Share-LA, in Los Angeles. 


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