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Artist Statement - Generation Alpha

This series, called ‘Generation Alpha’, explores ideas of surrealism, the uncanny, and how humans of different generations relate to the state of the world. It came about during the pandemic, when old photographs I had been collecting for years with no real purpose suddenly revealed their meaning to me.

In his essay on the uncanny in 2019, Freud defined it as the idea that something can be familiar and yet alien at the same time. He called it ‘that class of frightening which leads back to what is known of old and long familiar’. I related the pandemic and other issues currently facing the world to universal fears that follow us from childhood - a reminder of the fact that we can’t control life and that our future can truly never be known. It was the monster under the bed daring us to look, the shadow side of the world and our own natures.

I thought of how the latest generation, called by some Generation Alpha (born 2010-2025), would be shaped as the first generation to be born entirely within the 21st century and everything that entails. How might that be different and yet the same as the human experience of past generations? By blending past figures, elements, and landscapes in new ways, I attempt to craft images that speak to a surrealistic interpretation of the times, finding magic and strange beauty by combining the familiar in an unexpected way.

- Kristin Anderson

Generation Alpha - Medusa at Twelve
Generation Alpha - Equanimity
Generation Alpha - The White Dog
Generation Alpha - The Wild Blue
Generation Alpha - The Transcendentalists

Kristin Anderson is an artist currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Working primarily in the medium of photography and digital collage, her work explores themes of surrealism, memory, history, and spirituality.

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