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I am spiritually empowered to paint. This intimately personal experience passionately inspires me from within to create. It is an inner need. Directions of what to paint surface from an inner quiet and aide me in executing the work. I share in the lineage of abstract artists such as Kandinsky, Mondrian and lately Hilma af Klint. I have as well been long attracted to the mystic way which requires deepening inner silence in order to hear beyond the senses and the intellect. I am at the top of my talent when by seasoned intuition and grace I experience unity with the creative process. The creation of colorful, heartfelt and truthfully expressive paintings source from this experience. The artistic wisdom I gain is to keep emptying my willful self trustfully into the larger process of creation where unimagined paintings are born. I am driven to push the medium past traditional boundary's of abstract expressionism to a visual language of my own. It is a rich paradox of inner freedom and struggle. I marvel when I have finished a work at who/what really created it. This is a distinctive trans-personal experience. I believe my artwork is a detailed visual record of my transformative path towards universal wholeness. Color and line are the primary vehicles that express my emotional states which range from the powerfully exhausting to sublimely liberating. Compositions of the paintings are formed by shapes that support the expression of this inner life. Juxtaposition of foreground, middle ground and background areas create engaging spacial tension on a flat surface because they interact causing a suspension of feeling grounded. Awe might rise upon experiencing this. Then on the other hand some paintings lean towards being more solid with large areas of flat color expressing a more stable state at the time of painting. The traditional transparency of watercolor next to an opaque use of acrylic further enhances the variety of spacial atmosphere in the paintings. Like a visual parable I hope my art will raise the viewers interest to pause long in wonder of what they are seeing, open their heart and realize the excitement of the unknown...of our shared mystery. Abstraction is for me the perfect genre to express this. I am told by collectors of my work they are called back to continue a deepening relationship with the abstract presence of the artwork over time. I have worked at the discipline of daily meditation for years. I have had moments of experiencing the expansive inner freedom of no thought. My awareness of being present while I work has grown considerably because of this practice. Yes I have a noisy mind too but not as much as it used to be. This practice of quiet mindfulness can refresh the otherwise repetitive cycle of stale painting imagery. Conversely the diversity of imagery in my paintings is due to this open awareness while painting. Besides color, many who connect to my work are intuitively drawn to it by the essential magnetism of the creative force found deep in life's common core. Ultimately the visual experience for the viewer can be an emotionally heightened and lasting union with a unique kind of abstract beauty. My work invites you to experience it beyond thought.

Luminous 23
Abstract Expressionist acrylic/watercolor
Unknowing 28
Abstract Expressionist acrylic/watercolor
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United Kingdom
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