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     I am a multi-media sculptor, drawing inspiration from the body, sensuality, and awareness. My process is based in metal casting and fabrication, as I am drawn to the compelling and complex history inherent in these practices. From this more traditional groundwork, I incorporate elements such as rubber, fabric, and hair, in order to create abstracted, sensual forms which bring awareness to nuances of body and space. The combination of these diverse materials creates a dynamic conversation within each sculpture—the soft elevates the hard, the warm amplifies the cold, the familiar highlights the strange.

     Driven by an exploration of femininity and its related myths, phobias, and taboos, my work stands to challenge the viewer by walking the line between attraction and repulsion. Its visceral materiality mimics the body in a way that is simultaneously fascinating, off-putting, and obscure, asking the viewer to look inward in order to reconcile with the experience.

     Along with the choice of form and material, my own body’s involvement in the creation of each piece serves to further implicate the figure. Through the intimate tedium of creation, along with active bodily involvement in the form of life-cast elements, touch-patination, and the incorporation of my own hair, clothes, etc., my presence becomes deeply tied to the work. This further serves the connective network I aim to achieve, as each sculpture becomes an intermediary between myself and my audience, confronting the question of presence versus absence. Thus, these quiet yet dynamic forms become metaphorical, contemplative spaces, inviting the viewer to engage in their narratives of fear, vulnerability and strength while providing a lens through which to analyze one’s self and surroundings.

Tin Can Telepathy (Delilah)
2021 6’x5’x5’ Mild and stainless steel, bronze, silicone rubber, human hair, epoxy
Closer to the Vest
2021 13”x13”x13” Touch-patinated cast bronze, silicone rubber, fiberglass veil
Which Are You
2021 Installation 10”x9’x5.5”; individual unit 10”x8”x5.5” Cast iron, ambrosia maple, nylon, silicone rubber, mirror, caulk, epoxy, pigment
2021 Installation variable; individual unit approx. 8”x1”x1” Cast bronze, boar’s hair, epoxy, paint
2021 Installation variable; largest unit approx. 2’x14”x15” Vodka-stripped steel, nylon, silicone rubber, pigment, wool, stainless steel wire, necklace chain

Susannah "Ringo" Lisko is a sculptor currently living and working in Tuscaloosa, AL. She recieved her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in sculture and drawing from the University of Alabama in 2020. She now works as a foundry specialist with UA, creating commissioned sculptures for artists and entities across the state of Alabama. Lisko has also created a number of her own public sculptures for the city of Tuscaloosa, funded by the Arts Council, PARA, and the University Board of Trustees. Along with her work with the community, Lisko maintains her personal practice, wherein she uses a diverse array of media in order to create works exploring femininity, sensuality and psychological phenomena.

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