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I am captivated by the beauty of colors and the elegant forms found in nature. I aim to delve into the intricate relationship between these elements, using them to evoke emotions, ignite the imagination, and transport viewers to a realm where art and nature blend seamlessly.
During the Art Nouveau era of the early 20th century, artists embraced merging different disciplines like painting, sculpture, architecture, and decorative arts into a cohesive whole. This movement celebrated nature’s graceful and fluid forms, favoring lines, curves, and details reminiscent of flowers, plants, and organic motifs.
Inspired by this aesthetic legacy, I aim to capture its essence while infusing my contemporary perspective. Color plays a vital role in my art, enabling me to convey emotions, establish moods, and create a captivating visual experience.

Additionally, I draw inspiration from a wide range of natural forms, including flowers, leaves, shells, and bodies of water. By closely observing these shapes, I interpret them through my artistic lens, capturing nature’s inherent beauty, fragility, and resilience. Through my art, I invite viewers to reconnect with the wonders of nature and contemplate their place within it.

Ultimately, my goal as an artist is to create a visual language that celebrates the harmonious fusion of color and natural forms. Through my work, I invite viewers on a sensory journey, encouraging them to pause and immerse themselves in a realm where vibrant hues and organic shapes intertwine gracefully. I aspire to evoke a sense of wonder in this magical space and inspire a reconnection with the natural world.

"Color is all. When color is right, form is right. Color is everything, color is vibration like music; everything is vibration." Marc Chagall ​
watercolors and ink, 12x18 inches
Work Credit: 
Original Artwork, SL
Smart City
watercolors and ink, 12x18 inches
Work Credit: 
Original Artwork, SL
Garden of Earthly Delights
watercolors and ink, 12x18 inches
Work Credit: 
Original Artwork, SL
City Blues
watercolors and ink, 7x8 inches
Work Credit: 
Original Artwork, SL
Summer Night
watercolors and ink, 8x8 inches
Work Credit: 
Original Artwork, SL

Growing up in a family with a long practice in architecture and art, naturally, I was influenced in my professional choice by form and color. I found excitement in creating moving characters, eventually leading me to an animation studio in Bucharest, Romania. There, I spent five years designing sets and learning classical animation.

In the ’90s, I learned computer graphics and editing. I became an art director and motion graphic designer, combining my knowledge of film with art principles. Working as an art director for film and TV for over twenty years, fine art became a permanent source of creative expression. Influenced by the short Art Nouveau period, I started to work with ink on paper. Later, I experimented with pastels, acrylics, and oil.
A passion for drama allowed me to get involved with my university's theatre program, designing sets for the school's productions. All my interests, art, film, theatre, music, and literature are linked. I like to explore by researching new and traditional forms of expression.
When asked why I have made numerous shifts in my chosen career paths, I responded that true creativity thrives on seeking new challenges, embracing change, constantly seeking to enhance our endeavors, and anticipating the future. I select projects that resonate with me because we are at our best when we love what we do and continually learn something new.
As an artist, I aim to pass on this passion to future generations, ensuring that knowledge is revered and treasured.

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