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Sometimes I see a painting or a photo and I get a flash of a memory or a feeling. These are the moments that inspire me to create an art piece capturing this personal event. I use realism and abstraction in my paintings trying to create the feeling of uncertainty, like in a dream in which certain images seem very clear and others are only bits and pieces of shattered images. I use modern technology to plan my work and traditional painting Technics to create a unique piece that combines modern and traditional elements.

The Mistress
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Heidi Neumann
Modern Geisha
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Heidi Neumann

Heidi Neumann was born in 1986 in a small town in Mecklenburg Vorpommern in Germany. She has been passionately painting since childhood and has explored various media including aquarelle colours, oil paints, acrylics, charcoal etc. Eager to refine her skills she took art classes from local artists. Heidi then studied Occupational Therapy to use arts and crafts as therapeutical treatment. After her successful study in Leipzig, life took her in different directions and a long journey of adventures and travel has began. Living in various countries such as Australia, Switzerland, England, USA and China and traveling through many more has given her new perspectives and receptiveness. 
In 2017 Heidi moved with her husband to New Delhi (India), where she finally found her way back in the art world. Under the guidance of Kumar Vikas Saxena, she studied fine arts in the Academy of Art and Design in New Delhi. In December 2018 Heidi's paintings were presented in the group exhibition "Illumination" in the Stainless Gallery in New Delhi.
Since 2019 Heidi lives in Lexington Kentucky, where she is establishing herself in the local art community. Her work has been exhibited by the Lexington Art League for the Bluegrass Transplants Exhibition in September and the PRHBTN Exhibition in October 2019. 
Inspired by her experiences and surroundings she tries to capture her impressions on the canvas. Her paintings are highly detailed and feature a great variety of colour.




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