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My art explores the relationship between the people and their cultural conformity. With influences as diverse as James Hague and Alice Neel, new variations are created from both mundane and mystic study.
Since childhood I have been fascinated by both my own, as well as the traditional understanding of the human condition. What starts out as foreign soon becomes enhanced into an understanding that transcends our filters, leaving us with a sense of connection to others and the promise of a new reality that is born of that bond.
Mundane derivatives become clarified through emergent and ongoing practices, and the viewer is left with a clue to the possibilities of our world and how it makes us who we are.

Oil on pinewood panel. 8x8".
Oil on pinewood panel, 18x18".
Oil on pinewood panel. 18x24"
Chinese Woman
Oil on pinewood panel. 18x24"

Lulu Rocka is an artist living in central California. Growing up, she was exposed to a variety of cultures, traditions and language of people from Australia to Europe, and North Africa to the Middle East and Arabian Gulf. Living in all those places has influenced her linguistically and culturally. As a result, she is passionate about people and their stories, and draws inspiration from them. Primarily, her art medium is oil on wood panel.

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