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Olga’s work focuses on storytelling, and provokes independent thinking. Inspired by the symbolism of Old Masters, she developed a unique pictorial language. Olga sources her images from printed contemporary advertisements, focusing on images rooted in consumer-facing objects and branded identities. She consciously manipulates these images through collage, thereby detaching them from their stereotypical associations. The viewer is able to then view the holistic image through a personal lens, imbuing meaning into the work that is distinctly their own.

Red Frida
Frida Kahlo portrait
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Olga Ozerskaya
Pink Frida
Blue Frida
Emerald Frida
Blue Frida

Olga Ozerskaya (IVA) is an internationally recognised artist based in Moscow. Born in 1984 in Moscow, Olga began studying visual art at a young age. She attended art school at Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow, where she began entering and winning local art contests. Olga continued her formal art education at King Williams College in the United Kingdom. Her studies developed her appreciaton and interest the style of her European art contemporaries. Olga graduated from the Moscow State University in 2009 with a dual degree in Art Business and Aesthetics from the Faculty of Philosophy and Social Science. While studying at Moscow State, Olga provided studio assistance to established Russian abstractionist Sergey Bruhanov. It was during this time that Olga participated in many collective student exhibitions, most notably Mars Gallery 2009. Olga founded the interior design studio Omdesign in 2008. To date, she has completed more than 20 projects across the global cities of Miami, London, Munich, Moscow and New York. Olga's professional experience in design inspired her to continue her formal education. Olga attended a mixed-media collage course at London's Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in 2016.

United States
Grand Rapids
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